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Coteau des Prairies
SissetonSouth Dakota

Welcome to Heritage Museums of Coteau des Prairies
A non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of our region's heritage and history.

The Stavig House is a spacious and elegant three story Victorian home built by Norwegian immigrant Andrew Stavig in 1916. It is listed on the National Historic Register. Guided tours focus on the architecture of the house and the story of an immigrant family.

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The Nicollet Tower honors Joseph N. Nicollet, the French mapmaker who explored the Coteau des Prairies in the 1830's. The Nicollet Interpretive Center features Nicollet's great map, a documentary film and John S. Wilson's artwork. Climb to the top of the Nicollet tower for a stunning panoramic view.
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"Dear Unforgettable Brother": The Stavig Letters from Norway & America, 1881—1937.